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Leader: Mira Lawendy

LOCATION: Library Hallway in front of 5th & 6th Classroom

  • Brittney Zaki - John the Beloved

  • Carla Guirguis - Soldier 1

  • Joysitna Mikhael - Soldier 2

  • Kiro Gad- Egg Distributor - Silent


  • Soldier 1: Oh what a day! We crucified Jesus on that big cross. Look we took off his clothes and we hurt him so bad (with the Whip), here is his cloth, we played with dice to see who will take Jesus’s cloth, and, guess what I won!

  • Soldier 2: Yes, and Look at this! These large sharp Nails I hammered them into Jesus’s hands and Feet, and nailed him to the cross.

  • Soldier 1: Look at that sharp Bayonet Spear, I used it and hit Jesus side to make sure he is dead….

  • John the beloved disciple: Crying They crucified Jesus, They took him.. Look at this Crown of Thorns they were putting it on his head all the time, They struck his head with a staff and spit on him! They were mocking him all the time, they were saying “ Hail, King of the Jews”

  • John the Beloved (continues): And now Nikodemos and the Ladies wrapped him in Shrouds like these and put him into the tomb. He is Gone…… Crying

The station Leader: 

  • Jesus went on the cross because He loves us. He chose to be the One to get hurt instead of us. He told us He loves us this much by stretching out His Hands on the cross. Jesus’ friends were very sad when they saw Him on the cross. They did not know that God had planned a wonderful surprise for them, which would make them happy again. After they took Jesus down from the cross, they put Him in a nice tomb and closed it with a big, huge stone. There were even soldiers guarding the tomb, to make sure no one would come and open it.

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