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Leader: Philippe

LOCATION: 1st & 2nd Classroom

  • Anthony Guirguis - Priest Assistant / Judas

  • Carl Takla -  Judas / Priest Assistant

  • Joseph Assad - Chief Priest

  • Yoanna Ragheb - Egg Distributor - Silent


  • Chief Priest: We need to arrest Jesus! He is making too many people follow him and become Christian and leave Judaism. How can we arrest him?

  • (Judas walks in)

  • Chief Priest: Oh Judas, you are one of Jesus’s disciples, one of the closest people to Jesus! What are you doing here?

  • Judas: I know you want to arrest Jesus, what are you willing to give me if I deliver Him to you?

  • Chief Priest: Yes, we would like to arrest him, We will give you money of course!

  • Judas: Money? I love money! How Much?

  • Chief Priest: I will give you thirty pieces of silver.

  • Judas: (says to himself) That’s almost nothing. That’s how much it costs for a slave! Do I give them Jesus? Do I decline the money?...... But I really love money. (Says to the priest) I will give you Jesus!

  • Chief Priest: Good Choice! How will we know which one is Jesus?

  • Judas: I am his disciple, I know him very well. I will go up to him, and kiss him on the cheek. When I do this, you will know that this is Jesus, you arrest him.

Judas will count his money with the kids: Lets count with me 1,2,3,4,……. 30

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