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Leader: Marien zaki/Eriny mikhail

LOCATION: Playground

  • Daniel Assad - Jesus - Silent

  • Jeana Youssef - Jewish helper - Silent

  • Johna Saleh - Disciple 2

  • Lily Guirguis - Disciple 1

  • Mima Hanna - Jewish helper - Silent

  • Roofan - Egg Distributor / Donkey - Silent

  • Verina Fahmy - Donkey - Silent


  • Disciple 1: Where are you going?

  • Disciple 2: I am going to get the colt that Jesus asked me to get; he told me that I would find it tied over there. (He will go get it and walk towards Jesus) the crowd will start throwing clothes and palms on the ground for Jesus to walk on.

  • Disciple 1:  (telling the kids) Woow, look at the people; they are so happy Jesus is coming to Jerusalem!

  • Disciple 2: Yes, He is the king, He is so humble, he looks like us; the people put everything under his feet; let us sing joyfully with them! Sound System: Hosanna Song Jesus will go around and the kids with him singing...

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